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PPR Hokksund Airfield (ENHS)

Visiting aircraft to Hokksund Airfield - ENHS, is required to obtain permission before landing, by signin up on this page. Invoice for landing fee is sent by email. Further approval is not required beyond this registration, as long as the planned flight is within the rules of the airfield. The visiting pilot is still responsible for checking conditions at the airfield, as per the Norwegian Air Law, independent of this PPR. For any problems or questions, please contact the Airfield Manager, Per Olav Håre at flyplassjef@drammenflyklubb.no (further contact info).

Opening hours:
Work days08.00 - 20.00
Saturdays10.00 - 18.00
Sundays and public holidays12.00 - 18.00
The airfield is closed December 25th, May 17th and the first Sunday of the months May, June, July and August
The visiting pilot is responsible for checking that the airfield is open for the time of arrival. Please note that the airfield may close without advance notice, due to unforseen circumstances.
Status as of now: Åpen / Open   

Maximum engine size: 200 horsepower. No turbine. No helicopters. No Trikes. No multi-engines. Max weight 2000 kg. Norwegian Police, Ambulance and Defence is excempted from this.

Granted PPR is on condition that the instructions for use of Hokksund Airport ENHS are complied with and that the flight can be carried out within the rules. The flight commander is responsible for this. Rules is found here (Norwegian).

The PPR is valid for one landing and one departure, only.

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Rules and instructions is read: Rules is found here (Norwegian)
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